Learning Femap Paperback [Color cover, B&W pages]


Learning Femap Paperback [Color cover, B&W pages]

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A quick learning reference for Femap beginners.  This version comes with b&w interior pages, which are “flatter” than the glossier color version pages.  If you like to take notes in your books, this is the version for you.  If you are a student, don’t forget to use the student discount.  Your student status will be confirmed by email.  For international orders of 2-5 books, please add the supplemental shipping cost item to your order as well.

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  • Master the basics if classroom training is unavailable, or supplement separate training to “fill in the blanks”
  • Written with experience garnered with full time use of Femap for advanced vehicle structures in the aerospace industry
  • Easy to read instructions regarding Femap menus, dialogs, options, and processes
  • Become competent in Femap with little to no prior experience
  • Covers considerations from computer workstations to analysis results
  • Tips provided to smooth out the relation between the analysis and the Femap interface, common trip-ups
  • Also for users of other pre/post software switching to Femap based on feature set and new commands such as Model Merge
  • New engineers can increase their speed of pre and post-processing

Publication Date: September 2014.  Still applicable to the latest version?  The Femap package tends to retain consistent function, even if the form does evolve with each new release. The basic functionality and commands and usage of Femap remains the same.  Newer functions are added, but they tend to be on the more advanced side, and so don’t relate to one’s initial understanding of the program.  This is where Learning Femap is intended to be useful.

Edition: First Edition

ISBN: 978-1-4951-2963-6

Size: 8.5×11×0.75 in (shipping weight 2 lb 2 oz)

Binding: Perfect Bound Paperback

Cover Finish: Gloss full color, 100# paper

Interior: B&W 60# paper

Language: English

Pages: 330

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3 reviews for Learning Femap Paperback [Color cover, B&W pages]

  1. Ben Names

    When I was first learning FEMAP, I used this book and it was an excellent tool. Typically when learning a new piece of software, I find myself google-ing a lot for examples and troubleshooting help, however with this tool, I rarely had to refer to anything else, saving me a TON of time. In addition, it also had some great insight into some of the subtleties involved with stress analysis, in particular with NASTRAN.

    One of the best things about the book though are the tutorials. The author is very careful with the pacing of these tutorials, starting off slowly for the first tutorials, and then taking the training wheels on in the later examples. I still find myself referring to it when I need to do a quick reference on the difference between different elements, or if I have forgotten how to implement a tool for cleaning up geometry.

  2. Gregory Kress

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I have been teaching myself FEMAP for the past 5 years. If I had this book 5 years ago, I would be where I am now within a month!!

    This is a GREAT book for the beginner and intermediate FEMAP user. It is SO MUCH easier and quicker than working through the FEMAP Help files or FEMAP User and Commands manual. I purchased this book for myself about a year ago, and I just purchased 11 more for the students in a composites FEA course that I just taught.

    The tutorials included in the book are a great learning tool The 3rd tutorial is on a composite wing, which went well with the course I was presenting. My course only covered Laminate Plate elements, and did not get into the 3D solid elements, but this “easy to read and understand” book will allow the students to easily pick up on other elements on their own.

    All 300 pages of the book could be easily read through in a week or two, and you will learn insights into using FEMAP that it would take a life time of trial & error or reading through the FEMAP Users Manual & Help files.

  3. Drew Miller (verified owner)

    Learning Femap by Eric Gustafson is very useful and practical for both new and experienced Femap users alike. The book starts with the basics and user interface, and then gets into practical Pre and Post processing and analysis. The text is peppered with clear images, good examples, tips/tricks, as well as common errors that users will run into. The tutorials are also very helpful, complete with menu selections, reasons behind the operations, and again, helpful tips.

    I would recommend this book to individual users and/or to teams of engineers or analyst whom already have FEA experience but are new to the world of FEMAP. It is practical and to the point, for direct hands-on work. After using the book personally, I have ordered and distributed copies of this book for my mechanical engineering teams at both my current aerospace company and my most recent former aerospace company, and they form a great baseline knowledge to ground the entire team on the analysis flow and good practices.

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