Why write a book on Femap?

Learning Femap was written not only for professionals in the mechanical and aerospace engineering industries, but especially for the up-and-comers just breaking into FEA.  That includes the students and early-career engineers who are seeking an understanding of Femap yet might not necessarily have school or workplace assistance available to them.  The former is the situation the author found himself in when undergoing research in graduate school.  After heading into industry, he happened to land in an amazing role that enabled a fast-pacing learning of the Femap feature-set.  After the first few years, he decided to assemble a guide for the logical approach to FEA with Femap based on the thousands of hours of experience he had garnered.

Part of the motivation to write Learning Femap stems from the lack of available third-party training material.  This can be frustrating when starting out with Femap.  There are troves of information in the help files, however, this can be difficult to navigate without assistance from coworkers and colleagues.  If you’re a student, you don’t even have any one to ask!