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Welcome to, the website for the first introductory guide to the world class finite element program Femap.  This book for new users teaches a basic understanding of Femap in six concise chapters.learningfemapbox

  1. Introduction
  2. Femap Application Interface
  3. Modeling/ Pre-Processing
  4. Analysis
  5. Post-Processing
  6. Programming Femap

Each of these chapters contains numerous illustrations and annotated examples.  A second section contains multiple tutorial walk-throughs to get you up and running in a minimal amount of time.

Right for You?

Learning Femap was written for mechanical and aerospace engineering students and entry-level professionals wishing to understand the basic steps of FEA with Femap and NX Nastran (now Simcenter Nastran).  Typically, these first few steps are the most critical but are what many struggle the most with. Even worse, some users find methods that might complete a task, but do so without the assistance of new or optional Femap commands that dramatically speed up modeling and post-processing.  Learning Femap can help take the frustration out of starting fresh in a new tool.

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 What will I find on the website?

This website serves as both a blog and storefront.  The blog may cover recent Femap news such as version releases, or information regarding Femap or NX Nastran capabilities.   Capabilities discussed in the blog are not necessarily covered in the book.  They may be an extension of a book discussion, a clarification, or just a topic that has come across the support desk.  The storefront is, of course, where you can purchase the book.