Supplemental shipping – International – 2 to 5 books

Supplemental shipping – International – 2 to 5 books


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Add this product to your order if you are requesting international shipment of 2 to 5 books.  Do NOT add this if you are ordering a single (1) copy for international shipment.

For > 5 books, make multiple orders with up to 5 books each.  Basically, if you order a single book, the default shipping calculation method applies.  Your single book will come in a flat rate envelope.  The vast majority of orders are that simple.  If you order 2-5, a medium flat rate box will be used.  This supplement is to accommodate the difference in price between those two shipping options.

I apologize for any inconvenience.  Shipping can be a hassle due to the myriad of options available from USPS.  Before you ask, UPS/ Fedex/ and DHL are supremely expensive.  I have searched up and down for the lowest rates, and USPS is the best deal.

Thank you.

Update November 2021 – The cost of USPS international shipping has increased, so the cost for this supplemental shipping has increased as well.  The service has been very reliable to date.