Forum resource for beginners to ask questions

Forum resource for beginners to ask questions

Just FYI, there is the forum resource available to those with questions regarding Femap.  Normally such questions can be submitted to your reseller (like Structures.Aero), but for those either using an educational grant license or who want to get a response direct from Siemens employees can post here:

The forum is located at this link (opens new window).

The forum located there is seen by Femap developers and pro-users.  Most questions get answered very quickly.  I should note that people also use to ask questions about Femap and NX Nastran, though that really isn’t the right place to do so.  Those who field questions on the Siemens Femap Forum page are guaranteed to be knowledgeable.  It can be a crap-shoot on Eng-tips because you don’t know if those answering your question are experts or not.

Bear in mind that the primary resource for licensing and software questions should be your Femap reseller.

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