Femap 11.3.1 is now available

Femap 11.3.1 is now available

Femap 11.3.1 is now available

Femap 11.3.1 is now available on the Siemens download site.  You will need a webkey to access.  Among the new features and corrections for things I’ve personally experienced:

  • Time to mesh surfaces with many holes has gone way down
  • Fixed some causes of nodes failing to display
  • Fixed “FEMAP not being registered as a COM server”
  • Corrected issue with Mesh, Connect, Unzip and Mesh, Connect, Closest Link commands where results for CBUSH elements created by specifying a Coordinate System ID would not be displayed in the correct orientation for Contour Arrow plots.

As this is a x.y.z+1 release, no change is needed to licensing.

What I like to do when updating to the next version of femap

  1. Export toolbar from old install – these are your Menu and Toolbars, Panes, Shortcut Keys, and User Commands preferences,savelayout
  2. Import toolbar into new install (same window)
  3. Transfer femap.ini file – contained in this file is your preferences, licensing setup, and user tools pathfemapinifile
  4. Transfer RCF file if any adjustments were made (advanced Nastran users only)nastranrcffile

Happy Femaping!

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