Femap v2020.2 has been released

Femap v2020.2 has been released

Femap v2020.2 has been released

Femap v2020.2 has been released as of 5/28/20.

After reading the “What’s New”, here’s what I think are the most notable program updates (on top of a more dramatic version of 2020.1’s splash screen):

  1. Connect>Automatic 3-5x faster, mesh sizing 2-3x faster on large models, many checking and listing commands are faster but can now also be aborted, output processing (envelope, linear combinations, rss comb) 1.3X faster, reading large nastran input files 2x faster. 
  2. It has historically been tough to add entities to super large models, because it would kick off a rebuilding of the file database, which is a slow process.  Efficiency gains have been made here.  For example, creating a single new rigid element in a 3.3M element model previously took 29 seconds and now just 0.3 seconds.
  3. Curve connectivity can be interpreted graphically; unique curve colors for wirebody vs free vs manifold vs nonmanifold geometry.
  4. New List>Output>Results to Excel functionality – a more direct link to getting data into Excel.  Can send IDs in a dialog box to Excel via Pick^ menu.  Data table “send to excel” command.
  5. More robust blend removal for defeaturing efforts.  Can preview which blends it will try and remove.
  6. Nastran follower forces (FORCE1/MOMENT1) can now be written by Femap. Follower forces are a nonlinear analysis concept, whereby the force or moment vector may change direction as a function of deflection. You can’t use normal FORCE/MOMENT cards for this because the solver is unaware of how the direction changes with deflection (these cards are defined with a vector). As FORCE1/MOMENT1 cards are defined by nodal positions, the solver is able to track the change in force/moment direction as a function of deflections.
  7. SOL144 AEROF/ APRES compatibility; can write these case control commands out and can also plot aero forces, pressures, and coefficients results.
  8. File>Preferences>Graphics>Include in Dynamic Rotation “Center” option to have Femap render a temporary symbol at the dynamic centering location when rotating the view.

Don’t forget to read the “What’s New” to see what changes will impact your own workflow. As always, you can read my recommended Femap upgrade process here

New for this release, Siemens has created a launch video. This can be viewed here:

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